Beginning Scuba Diving Classes

Open Water Diver Certification

We pride ourselves in the quality of education we deliver. We believe that to become a safe and competent scuba diver, the amount and the quality of time we spend on educating our students is very important. The standards we uphold are among the highest in the industry. The completion of the following requirements will award you with an internationally recognized SCUBA certification and a life time of passion for our underwater world.

It does not matter whether you prefer to dive on holiday or at home – SSI offers the right program for everybody! How Far Do You Want to go?

To be a diver that is completely prepared for any diving situation that may occur, you will need the experience and training gained from SSI Specialty Courses. Taking our courses is your chance to begin a journey that explores beyond the surface of diving.

Each course will provide you with the proper knowledge and skills to truly consider yourself an experienced diver. Our goal is to prepare you for the adventure that lies ahead, as well as make sure you have a good time doing it!

* Students must attend all classes in the series to receive the certification.

Beginning Diver Classes:

Snorkel Diver Class

SSI’s Snorkel Diver program is full of tips and advice to help make snorkeling easier and more fun.
Maximize the enjoyment of your snorkeling opportunities by learning snorkeling skills.

Snorkel Diver Class