Nitrox Diving SCUBA Class

What is Nitrox? Why should a diver use it?

Nitrox Diving SCUBA Class Certification

Nitrox is the term used where there is a different concentration of oxygen (greater than 21%) than in normal air. We know that breathing air with Scuba adds nitrogen to a divers body. The more nitrogen a diver absorbs, the harder the body works to dissipate this excess nitrogen (which causes fatigue) and the diver becomes more susceptible to the bends. So the primary reason to use Nitrox is to reduce the diver’s exposure to the bends and to reduce fatigue. Also it will increase your bottom time and safety. Experience one of diving’s greatest advancements of the last ten years.

At DIVE DIVE DIVE we offer Basic Nitrox, Advanced Nitrox and Gas Blend courses.