Scuba Diving Classes

Our SSI Programs are the most comprehensive diving programs in the industry. Students learn all of the knowledge and skills needed to become a safe and comfortable Diver, and the certifications are recognized Internationally. Much of the academic work is done at home on the student’s time, which leaves more time for quality training from our instructors. Also, most of the equipment is provided for the student throughout the courses, so they are not required to purchase their own. Various course schedules are available, including night, weekend, and private class offerings, which can be designed to fit any schedule. There’s a new class starting at least once every 2 weeks. We also have online SCUBA classes for you to do much of your learning from the comfort of your home.


Dive. Dive.. Dive… prides itself in the quality of its education. We believe that to become a safe and competent scuba diver, the amount and quality of time we spend on educating the student is very important. The standards we uphold are among the highest in the industry. The completion of the following requirements will award you with an internationally recognized SCUBA certification and lifetime of passion for our underwater world.


We at Dive. Dive.. Dive… understand that time is very valuable in everyone’s lives today. To make it as easy as possible for you to gain the necessary understanding of diving theory and skills we developed a unique home study program. The home study program will allow you to learn the necessary academics at your own pace when it’s convenient to you. The home study program works like this; When you sign up, you will receive your kit, which includes: Open Water Diver Manual, Open Water Study Guide, Open Water Diver DVD, dive tables and logbook. Prior to the first class you will view the DVD, read the book and complete the study guide. Your instructor will review each section of the book and issue the final exam during class. This will clarify your understanding of scuba, and be sure you’re ready for the pool!


It’s now time to get wet and experience the wonder of the underwater environment. During your pool dives you’ll learn how to safely enjoy and function in the underwater environment. The pool dives are designed to make you a safe and comfortable diver, and above all else, have fun!


This is the final portion of your scuba training which will consist of jumping into a real open water environment, under the supervision of a scuba instructor. During five fun filled dives you’ll demonstrate your ability to safely explore and interact in the underwater world. You will then be awarded a SSI Open Water Scuba Certification, which will represent your passport to limitless future diving adventure and fun!


We want to make your experience with us as complete as possible. That is why for $289.00-$349.00, depending on the class format you choose, we include the following: Open Water Diver Kit, which includes, manual, study guide, DVD, dive tables, log book, quality class and pool sessions, equipment and wet suit for pool sessions and convenient, continual scheduling that fits your needs. To begin your underwater adventure you will need a Scuba quality, mask, fins and snorkel, an SSI log book, (we offer convenient packages that include everything you need to get started) bathing suit, towel and a SMILE! (Private lesson’s available upon request, ask your Dive Professional for more details).