Newsletter Archive

Here are a few of our past newsletters.

  • October 2018 
    Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has a fun and safe evening.
  • June 2018 
    Summer has arrived and we are busy teaching new divers and helping current diver expand their knowledge base.
  • May 2018 
    We had another great weekend down at Blue Grotto.
  • April 2018 
    We had a great weekend down at Ginnie Springs.
  • March 2018 
    Well last month the weather was warming up and now…who knows but it will get warm and we have some great trips planned.
  • February 2018 
    As I type this the weather has started to warm up outside so it is definitely time to go diving.
  • January 2018 
    Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great time and that one of your resolutions is to go diving…
  • December 2017 
    Merry December and Happy Holidays.
  • November 2017 
    Happy November. I hope everyone is looking forward to a Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family.
  • September 2017 
    Greetings Divers! Are you sitting at home lamenting that the peak dive season is about to come to a close?
  • June 2017 
    Spring has started off great here at D3.
  • May 2017 
    The “warm” waters off the Bahamas weren’t as warm as we would have liked but we had a great time.
  • April 2017 
    I might have been a bit premature on the Spring has Sprung announcement last month but I think I have it right this time.
  • March 2017 
    I’m not sure if it’s really spring yet but the Cherry Trees are blooming, my Dogwood is budding and I’m ready to go diving.
  • February 2017 
    Happy New Year! I know, I’m late but I do hope everyone had a Happy and Safe New Year.
  • November 2016 
    I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. As you read this I’m sitting in Bonaire with 14 other divers…
  • March 2016 
    Greetings Divers. We have been busy at the dive shop getting ready for some great diving in 2016…
  • February 2016 
    Greetings Divers. By now we hope that you are pulling your dive gear out of storage and taking inventory…
  • January 2016 
    Greetings and Happy New Year from Dive Dive Dive. We hope that each member of our diving family had a wonderful and safe holiday.
  • December 2015 
    It is hard to believe that 2015 is wrapping up in just a few short weeks.
  • October 2015 
    Welcome divers and future divers to the Dive Dive Dive monthly newsletter.
  • September 2015 
    August was an “august” month of diving here at Dive Dive Dive.
  • August 2015 
    Greetings Divers. The summer is beginning to wind down and we are preparing for our fall trips
  • July 2014 
    Sign up for Blackbeard’s Live Aboard 2015
  • February 2014 
    Sign up for the Shark Tooth Dive Date: April 4-6, 2014
  • January 2014 
    Swim with the Manatees in the warm waters of the Crystal River
  • November 2013 
    From Dive.Dive..Dive… We will be CLOSED Thanksgiving Day AND Black Friday.
  • November 2013 
    November’s Blast from Dive.Dive..Dive…
  • October 2013 
    Folks, Do you have friends or family who have always wanted to go diving with you but never seem to be able to commit to the classes?
  • September 2013 
    Folks, Just a quick reminder, if you are interested in the Fiji trip I need to commit to the resort a room count…
  • August 2013 
    August Blast from Dive.Dive..Dive…
  • July 2013 
    Call the shop for details Key Largo on the Motor Coach.
  • June 2013 
    Opportunities at Dive.Dive..Dive…
  • July 2012 
    Again, I’m sorry the survey did not transmit with all the information. Here is the complete version.
  • June 2012 
    I just got back from 11 days in North Sulawesi, Indonesia and I’ll say it again, we’re diving on the wrong side of the world.
  • May 2012 
    Store News Spring Cook-out, Yard Sale and Party We wanted to invite everyone to our 2nd annual Spring Cook-out and Garage Sale.
  • April 2012 
    We wanted to invite everyone to our 2nd annual Spring Cook-out and Garage Sale.
  • March 2012 
    As I promised, a review on Bahamas’ diving. The first week I went out with Stuart’s Cove. I really enjoyed diving with them.
  • February 2012 
    As you read this I’m in the Bahamas diving with Stuart’s Cove and waiting to head out with Blackbeard’s for a week of diving with some friends.
  • January 2012 
    Happy New Years everyone. I hope you all had a great holiday and are ready to go diving with us again.
  • December 2011 
    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.Don’t forget the Christmas Party on December 14th here at the shop starting around 7:00pm.
  • November 2011 
    Where to start? First, don’t forget the Christmas Party next month on December 14th here at the shop starting around 7:00pm.
  • October 2011 
    You asked for it and here it is, Galapagos. We have planned a trip to the Galapagos Islands on Dec 28th 2012.
  • August 2011 
    If you want to go to Bonaire with us this year, and you know you do, this trip will close reservation this month on the 22nd.
  • July 2011 
    We want to welcome our 2 newest Dive Professionals, Michael White and Chris Harrison.
  • June 2011 
    Well, not much new to report this month. We are heading to Panama City Beach next weekend.
  • May 2011 
    Folks, we are heading back to West Palm Beach.
  • April 2011 
    I just got back from the Aqua Cat in the Bahamas. It was a very nice boat with a top-notch crew.
  • March 2011 
    Club D3 would like to invite you the the 1st Annual SCUBA Yard Sale and Customer Appreciation Day on March 19th.
  • February 2011 
    We have a couple of new events coming up we wanted to tell everyone about.
  • January 2011 
    Airtran has some flights for $100 one way and Cancun is just across the water and a short ferry ride away.
  • July 2010 
    Last issue I told you how cool Saba was (read the article) so this month I want to share with you how HOT Cozumel was.
  • May 2010 
    I want to apologize to everyone who did not come to Saba with us.
  • April 2010 
    We certified 17 students from Loganville High School and the next weekend headed to the Keys to dive…
  • March 2010 
    Ok, last month I pointed out that Spring was just around the corner and since then it has snowed…twice!
  • February 2010 
    Spring is just around the corner, (as I write this they are calling for snow!) and with Spring comes Spring Break…
  • January 2010 
    2009 is done and 2010 is upon us. Hard to believe. We had a good year last year and we are trying to make 2010 even better.
  • December 2009 
    It’s time for the 13th annual Christmas party!
  • November 2009 
    We have a bit of sad news. We are closing the Dacula store.
  • October 2009 
    Well, the weather is getting chiller, the lakes colder and work drearier. What do you do?
  • September 2009 
    We have been busy this month and want to share some of our efforts with you.
  • August 2009 
    Summer is coming to an end and so are the Lake Jocassee trips.
  • July 2009 
    We are going to go to Key Largo on Aug 13 for some great Key’s Diving.
  • June 2009 
    As you can see we have picked a spot for Spring Break next year, Saba. This should be an exceptional trip.
  • April 2009 
    We are leaning toward Saba but the Caymans and Turks and Caicos are on the board as well for Spring Break 2009!
  • March 2009 
    We are looking for a spring break trip for next year so if you have a destination in mind please stop by and let’s talk about it.